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Poke Bowl @ GourmetBar

  • Healthy Poke – 12USD (Salmon, avocado, cucumber, wakame, carrot, tobiko, edamame on mixed salad with sesame dressing)
  • Teriyaki Poke – 12USD (Marinated salmon, ginger pickle, edamame, cherry tomato, avocado on mixed salad, teriyaki rice with mayonnaise)
  • Kimchi Poke – 10USD (Kimchi, fresh tuna, cucumber, pickle, purple cabbage on Japanese rice)
  • Zoodles Poke – 13USD (Zucchini, noodles, fresh tuna, salmon, tobiko, wakame, carrot, broccoli with balsamic olive oil dressing)
  • Gourmet Poke – 13USD (Fresh tuna, salmon, kale, cucumber, corn, avocado, tobiko on Japanese rice with sriracha and spicy seafood sauce)
  • Grilled Poke – 10USD (Grilled chicken, pineapple, fried tofu, broccoli, pickled ginger, cucumber on Japanese rice with cucumber relish and peanut sauce)
  • Smoked Salmon Poke – 12USD (Smoked salmon, avocado, nori, wakame, cucumber, pickle, carrot, edamame on Japanese rice with wasabi and soya sauce)
  • Fruity Poke – 9USD (Salmon, pomelo, mango, dragon fruit, papaya, melon on mixed salad with tamarind sauce)

Daily – 7AM to 10PM – @Gourmet Bar – 1st Floor of Novotel Yangon Max.

Call Nan  : 09 444088884


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