Novotel Yangon Max - Family & Business trip hotel - POOL COMPETITION!


Ballantine's Whiskey

Calling all Pool champions to participate in our pool competition. Only 8 players will battle it out to be awarded One Bottle of Ballantine whiskey. The competition will be taking place on 14th and 28th of August in Time Out Sports Bar.

Registration is FREE and only 8 players will be registered for each competition. As the number of players are limited, please book your slot in advance. Call 09 4440 8888 5

       Terms & Conditions Apply

(i)Max of 8 players per competition

(ii)Game will start at 7.30pm onwards

(iii)Only 1 winner per competition

(iv)All player to follow house rules

Included in this offer:

  • Free Registration
  • pool-competition